Postcards from Space: Parsing the James Gunn Mess



Earlier today, The Mary Sue posted this, and since then, the Internets have been—as they are wont to become—all abuzz.

(What the link above goes to, if you’re not the clicking sort, is a post about the results of a “Superheroes You Most Want to Have Sex With” poll, complete with some super…

I’m sorry, but the satire excuse doesn’t fly. Joke or no joke there are people who believe that rape, slut-shaming, and harrassing women and gay people is acceptable; this behavior needs to be discourage. The comic book industry is infamously known for mistreating non hetero white male characters. Gunn’s “jokes” will only push that trope further. And-I pray that I’m wrong-his sexist and homophobic views could reflect on Guardians of the Galaxy movie. A person like Gunn just doesn’t belong in the progressive world, let alone writing movies for an audience that would include female and gay watchers.  

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    James Gunn offers an apology… and sadly, and predictably, some of his fans lash out with asshattery....
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    Oh and by the way, if you don’t think the apology from James Gunn was necessary, have a look at some of the comments...
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    James Gunn just posted an apology on his Facebook:...This apology is much appreciated....
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