Yeah, and he couldnt hold onto her hand all the time. Inuyasha holds Kagome, and he lets her go to fight, and they get married at the end of inuyasha :3

I’m not sure if Kishimoto will go that route because of InuYasha. However, chapter 616 was not a troll or an Anti-NaruHina moment for numerous reasons:

  1. Kurama was the one who suggested for Naruto to transfer his chakra to other people. Naruto gave Hinata’s chakra on his own free will.
  2. The original Naruto was holding Hinata’s hand while his clones were just grabbing and slapping everyone else’s hands.
  3. Naruto only let go of Hinata’s hand to fight, not reject Hinata’s feelings for him. It’ll be difficult for Naruto to find both Obito and Madara with one hand. 
  4. Madara called Hinata "Missus"; he practically called her Naruto’s wife. (A joke mind you but its shows Kishimoto has not forgotten NaruHina).
  5. The chakra passing emphasizes what Hinata said about "your life is not just your own." Everyone is here to fight for Naruto and the Kyuubi will help them win the war.

Naruto’s hands do not determine how he feels about Hinata. No one knows how he feels about her; he hasn’t response to her confession yet. And why do we expect to right this minute? We’re in the middle of a giant war; it’ll be inappropriate for them to make out while everyone’s dropping like flies.

The holding hands part is not what developed NaruHina last chapter. Hinata staying strong for Naruto-even after crying over her cousin’s death-reviving him from his mental breakdown and Naruto admires and acknowledges her support. “You were always by my side" remember? THAT’S THE REAL NARUHINA MOMENT

Whether it’s lovers screaming "CANON" or haters saying "HAHA! You got trolled!", both sides are forgetting it’s only one chapter. The manga isn’t over and nothing is endgame yet. 

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